Owners - the best return on investment for your vehicle

Africab was created by African entrepreneurs for the African market and aims to become the benchmark in its sector by guaranteeing flawless quality for its customers. We know the field and our customers’ habits well.

Do you have one or more recent, uprange vehicles? Do you have a sedan or 4WD that’s immobilized and little used? Is it available all or part of the time?

You can make a return on your vehicle by letting Africab operate it. We’ll bring it into our fleet and make it profitable for you.

If you join Africab you’ll enjoy multiple advantages:

  • A constant flow of rides for your vehicle
  • Regular reporting on your vehicle’s activity
  • Technology from the international leader in passenger transport
  • Belonging to a fleet of new or very recent vehicles
  • The advantages of clientele across Abidjan’s entire urban area.

Vehicle owners - join Africab

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