Special terms - Customer contract

Article 1: General terms of use for the Africab service


The Customer declares that he or she is familiar with the General Terms of Use for the Service in appendix hereto and accepts them in their entirety.



Article 2: Appendixes


The present and any future appendixes form an inseparable whole herewith.


In the event of any contradiction, the contents hereof shall prevail over the appendices.




Article 3: Conditions for opening an Africab priority account


Opening an Africab priority account is free and requires filling in, signing and sending by post the present contract. Furthermore, the following must be enclosed with the letter:


For corporate Customers:


A fiscal identity certificate (DFE),

A copy of the trade registry extract,

A copy of the Manager or CEO’s national identity card

For private individual Customers:


A photocopy of a current identity document (national identity card or passport);

A certificate of residence issued by a police office

A copy of their bank details



Article 4: Conditions for terminating and Africab contract


The Customer may terminate his or her contract on written request to Africab Service Résiliation – 18 BP 105 Abidjan 18 – Rue des Foreurs – Zone III – Treichville – ABIDJAN – COTE D’IVOIRE.


Article 5: Advantages gained by opening an Account


Opening an Africab Customer account gives access to the following advantages and services:


Priority access to the telephone booking centre;

Priority access to the Africab Service and the guarantee of a car being available sooner than for an individual Customer;

The option of defining settings  for account users’ access to the Service by an individual PIN code that can be used to restrict use to particular times, days of the week or destinations;

Dedicated Customer Service for any question relating to the use of the account;

Billing at end of the month by bank card debit, cheque or transfer; month-by-month analytical monitoring of rides made, formatted according to the Customer’s requirements (by user, by billing reference, by day, by destination, etc.).



Article 6: Billing of rides for a Customer Account


Billing is made at the end of each month and settled by cheque, transfer or payment with the bank card registered by the Customer. It lists all of the rides ordered on the account during the past month.


Management fees corresponding to 10% of the amount excluding tax for all ordered rides are billed at the same time as the amount of the rides.


In the event of a cheque or debit from the Customer’s bank card being rejected for insufficient funds, opposition by the debtor, lack or authorisation or a closed or frozen account, fees at the current rate in the Company’s bank shall be applied to the Customer.




Article 7: Advance payment on consumption


If the Customer opts for settlement by transfer or cheque, the Company reserves the right to ask for advance payment of the equivalent of one month’s consumption for any new Customer.


The amount of the advance payment is set by the Customer according to his or her own estimate of consumption, with a minimum of 15,000 F CFA.


In the event of consumption in excess of the estimated amount for a period of three months, the Company reserves the right to reassess the advance on consumption and demand its payment.




Article 8: Confidentiality


The Parties shall in all circumstances and in all places keep all information they hold or will hold with respect to the performance of the Contract confidential.


The Parties shall also ensure that their agents, assignees or representatives comply with this confidentiality clause.




Article 9: Final provisions


9.1- In the event that one or more stipulations hereof are or become null, illegal, non-invocable or inapplicable, the legality or application of the other stipulations shall not be affected or amended in any way.


9.2- Any explicit or tacit tolerance or lack of diligence by either Party with respect to any failure by the other Party in the fulfilment of its obligations shall not be interpreted or considered as constituting agreement with or acceptance of that failure or any other failure of the same type by the faulty Party.


9.3 – The parties shall execute the presence contact in good faith.




SURNAME, forename and signature


Preceded by the words “read and approved”