About Africab

Message from CEO Vangsy Goma

The idea for Africab stemmed from a discussion with my friend Vérone Mankou, the Congolese entrepreneur who revolutionized Africa’s mobile phone market. At the head of VMK, he decided to assemble cellphones and tablets in Africa. He turned great local demand for imported products into inclusive local economic growth. VMK means new jobs and new skills for Africa.

I see VMK as a model for a possible new form of development for our continent. Some observers believe that mobile digital tech has gone through an amazing boom in Africa because our countries lag behind in terms of infrastructure. I see it as a great opportunity.

This opportunity is called “leapfrogging”. It started out at as an economic concept relating to Joseph Schumpeter’s work on “creative destruction”, which states that a company that innovates technologically overtakes its competitors. It’s also an expression that sustainable development experts use: a country can save on the cost of wide-scale adoption of an old technology by going directly for a more recent and efficient one. The country also saves time by leapfrogging a stage. This is the success story of the mobile phone in Africa. Tomorrow it could be the complete electrification of our countries through solar power.

Africab offers you the same kind of leap forward. Given African countries’ substantial economic growth and the emergence of a well-off middle class, I believe our means of transport are no longer adequate. This is Africab’s mission. To transform your travel experience. To let you put the principle of ownership aside in favor of use and 100% pleasure.

Africab lets you change worlds and make your own industrial transport I created Africab to offer a fleet of recent, perfectly maintained vehicles to guarantee passenger safety. I also wanted professional drivers who are trained to meet all the expectations of an increasingly demanding clientele. Finally, I wanted cutting-edge technology to be sure of proposing the best possible service in terms of reservation, geolocation and customer relations.

This offering is not solely for private individuals. I also want Africab to meet businesses’ specific needs. As well as the diverse range of available vehicles, I intend above all to offer them a wide choice of quality services, based on performance, disciplined fulfilment of orders and total availability. Our company clients must be able to rely on Africab for a guaranteed service that fulfils all commitments.

In this spirit, Africab wants to be the go-to solution for businesses. I hope that this cooperation will continue in other French-speaking African countries.

Africab also means a different idea of development and another economic model for Africa. Unlike the US digital giants, Africab is more than a contact platform, a model designed to capture local value in order to export it. Africab is a company that owns its vehicles, is responsible for the drivers it employs and develops a pan-African vision and business.

Africab is founded on the conviction that a company’s success is first and foremost the success of the men and women that comprise it. That success depends on the creation of long-term, skilled jobs through training programs that enable employees to upgrade their expertise and gain development potential.

In this way, Africab is tapping into the leapfrog effect to take the best of global innovation and adapt it to Africa. To work on local development because it means sustainable development. And finally, to build an entrepreneurial culture that is based on technology and respects African identity.

On the strength of our convictions, our high standards and the quality of service, we wish you a pleasant ride with Africab.

Vangsy GOMA
Founding Chairman & CEO, AFRICAB

ceo portrait

Vangsy GOMA
Chairman & Founder of Africab

Africab is a different idea of development and another economic model for Africa.

Africab’s values

Africab is an idea: revolutionize passenger transport in sub-Saharan Africa. It’s also a mission: provide modern, safe and comfortable means of transport. These are values that unite our people, whether drivers or team members.


Africab conveys a high-tech model of digital transformation that is suited to africa, its growth and its specificities.

Shared success

Africab is based on a growth model that fosters its own development and that of its employees.

Service quality

Africab offers upscale services to meet all of its clients’ requirements.


Africab aims to become the pan-african benchmark in its sector by rolling out its model across french-speaking africa.

Who we are?

Africab is a pan-African startup that aims to revolutionize passenger transport in Sub-Saharan Africa. It’s clear to see that, despite significant economic development in recent years, the different countries in the region aren’t able to offer modern safe, comfortable means of transport.

Yet the customers are there and their needs are more and more diverse.

Safety and service

Africab offers a unique service in Côte d’Ivoire, built on the following principles:

  • Optimum use of digital technologies to offer a high-performance service within everyone’s reach
  • A fleet of new or very recent vehicles guaranteeing maximum safety and comfort
  • A relevant service offering for every demand (individuals, businesses, concierge)
  • Professional, constantly trained drivers

Hundreds of vehicles in Abidjan soon

On the strength of its support from international investors, Africab will gradually ramp up in Abidjan and offer several hundred vehicles.

Africab will establish itself in major African cities

Africab’s goal is also to extend its activities rapidly into other African countries. This development will be based on the same quality standards to make it a recognised, reliable pan-African service.